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Meet team Planet London - and perhaps join us?

Katie and Naomi, Co-Founders

Planet London for the community by the community.

Planet London is run and updated solely by volunteers. To find out about our contributors visit the contributor biographies page and please take a look around the website, especially the featured and recommended section. Check out their brilliant work.

If you would like to get involved in writing for Planet London on anything that you think would fit in with the website, or you think something is missing and you want to see it here, please contact Katie and Naomi.

This calendar is amazing and what we've always needed. Whoever made it is a genius.

I read your review of Margaret Cho and as a result of reading it, I bought a couple of tickets and went to see her.
D, London

Planet London [is] now in my favourites. I love the logo and there's a lot of events and places that's cool.
Caroline, London

Planet London... easy to use, easy to navigate, so many groups to choose from. Found the one I liked and was interested in with no problem. Thanks Planet London.
J, London

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Planet London Blogs

Planet London Blogs

We're always happy to receive contributions for our blogs. If you would like to write for Planet London under any of our blogs, please get in touch.

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Planet of the Books banner

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Planet London were fortunate to catch Tru Love at the BFI Flare (formerly LLGFF) Festival in London.

TruLove London

You can read our review and listen to our interview with Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald here.

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Welcome to Planet London

Welcome to Planet London, the ultimate guide to lesbian London.

Planet London is a listings and lifestyle website that makes it easy for all lesbian, bisexual and queer women to find out and share what's on in London.

Whatever your tastes, whatever you’re into, whatever you want to know; what club nights are currently running, finding a local group to join, where to meet other lesbians or where’s a good place to go on a date; you'll find it here on the Planet London listings pages. We don't want to label or pigeon-hole - we want the website to be inclusive to all members of the community.

If you're looking for somewhere to go out on a particular, look no further than the events calendar as this has all the events aimed at lesbian and bisexual women in London. We will ensure you can find where to go out on the lesbian scene - every event in one place.

Easy to navigate and interesting to read, this is the only listings and lifestyle website you need, at your finger tips.

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Planet London is Proud to Sponsor & Support the Community

Planet London prides itself on its work with the community. We care deeply about ensuring our community and scene is diverse and thriving; and to this end we often collaborate; sponsor and work with various events, venues, festivals and businesses.

All of the content we produce on the site is borne out of discussions, ideas, suggestions and gaps.

Find out more about our sponsorships

Jenny's Wedding Bridge Girls Late  Pride in London L Fest

Planet London is seeking Planeteers - join us and have fun!

PlaneteerWe're not super human, and so we are always grateful to our amazing volunteers - otherwise known as Planeteers!

We have several types of Planeteers; some review books, films, web series; others review events, festivals and theatre; and some write for our blogs - we have something for everyone - if it is of interest to lesbian, bi and queer women then we want to know about it. We are a genuinely open platform to lesbian, bi and queer women and want our website to be as diverse as the women of London.

We need Planeteers to join us at the following events:

L Festive (Birmingham) | BFI Flare (LLGFF) (London) | Pride in London (London) | L Fest (Uttoxeter) | Manchester Pride (Manchester)

Find out more about becoming a Planeteer

Planet London Believes Inspiration creates success

From April 2014 we are launching our new section; inspirational women. LBQ women who are succeeding in their life; be it in comedy, business, showbusiness or something else. We will be featuring a wide range of LBQ women in the hope that you will be inspired to be the very best that you can be.

Read more about our feature and check out our interviews

Inspirational LBQ Women

My Pocket Planet App - rewarding you for your loyalty to our community!

My Pocket PlanetIntroducing... My Pocket Planet


Our calendar is super-sized and turbo-charged. Our content is posted live onto the app. Our social media is streamed in easy to reach space.

You can get rewarded for your loyalty to LBQ events and venues with our loyalty card function.

You can save money with our discounts

We're really excited, and hope you like it! Available now on Android and Apple and on Kindle Fire! We're also working on Blackberry and Windows but times for these are not known.

The app contains content from both Planet London and Planet Brighton so it is jam packed with everything you could need for your LBQ life!

Don't leave home without it!